Saturday Morning Studies

Saturday, 7:30 am


Vacation Bible School

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    Ages 5-13 years for more info

January, 1st @ 12 am

Our Vision

-To provide men a welcoming environment to study God’s word and fellowship with other believers.
-To encourage dialogue by those who are joined together by a common faith in Jesus Christ, which enables us to share Him who is at the center of that faith with our family and our neighbors in the community.

Who we Are

Our goal is to help men dig into God’s word verse-by-verse at a deeper more personal level while providing an opportunity to discuss the scriptures with other men-- calling them to apply it to their lives and taking time for discussion and questions. We also spend time looking at the context of verses and how the whole of Scripture ties together.

Our Purpose

Since 2010 we are the official Men’s Bible Study out of Gospel Community Church in Sayville, NY. We are a group of men who desire a stronger knowledge of the Bible and its application to our lives while challenging each other to grow in our faith. We encourage all men to join us for a study of the Word and fellowship while enjoying breakfast.

Breakfast will be provided. Usually eggs, bagels and coffee. 

Our Leaders:

Image of Ministry Leader
Ken Plate