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Vacation Bible School

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    Ages 5-13 years for more info

January, 1st @ 12 am

Our Vision

Our function is to serve the body by providing quality sound and visuals for every service at Gospel Community Church. We do not consider ourselves volunteers, but kingdom workers. What we do weekly can have an impact on someone’s eternity.

Who we Are

We are made up of a small team who work hard to honor the Lord with the running of the sound board, projecting words and lyrics for songs throughout every service held at Gospel, as well as setting up lighting and projectors. Mark DeLeon and Dan Montalto Sr. head up our team through instruction, teaching and organizing the sound and visual quality. The learning of these skills can especially be taken beyond our walls to minister with these skills in our workplace, schools, and daily lives.

Our Purpose

As the "voice" of many of the ministries at Gospel, our purpose is to monitor and facilitate a service that honors the Lord through excellence in the functioning of musical and vocal systems.

We support the body in Sound, Video, Lighting, & Recording for services such as:

Weekly Services

Weddings, Conferences, Memorial Services, and special events.

Video recording and announcements slides




Currently we are looking for the following:

Sound Engineer (mixing board): Mix for Sunday services for worship team and pastor.  Should have a good ear and understand various aspects of mixing for proper levels for monitors and service.  (if this makes sense to you, this might be the place for you).  Commitment required once a month for Thursday night rehearsal and Sunday morning service.

Words and lyrics:  Use our program (Mediashout) to project lyrics and or service notes during service.  If you are familiar with Power Point, you are a great candidate.

Service Recorder:  Retrieve recorded service mp3 off unit-usb thumb drive, and upload to dropbox or website for editing, tagging, and service description.

Sunday Service Helpers

(you do not have to run the sound or computer, but simply help out with turning on of equipment and running cables when needed.  Great entry to the team). This is a once a month commitment.

Weds Night Service:  Sound and Words (see above description).  

Equipment Manager:  Keep current inventory list of equipment and keep eq. closet in order.  Also make sure cables are working properly and are replaced as needed or when needed.

Roadie:  Help setup equipment, lighting, etc… for occasions such as VBS, weddings, etc…  On Call Basis.

Lighting:  Use computer program to set lighting levels for service and or special events such as Worship Conferences, VBS, etc…  You will need to know or learn about DMX lighting.

Our Leaders:

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Mark DeLeon